Dipl.-Kfm. Karl Urhahn
General Manager

I have crossed the magic 50 and in my life I have experienced therefore a lot of exciting business-wise as privately. I would like to renounce nothing.

My professional experiences which I collected mainly in the consumer goods industry in marketing, sales and general management led me to the conviction that the humans are the determining success factor and that the search for qualified employees can be done more efficient and nevertheless, humanely and personally.

This led in 1996 to start the business of COPAC -connecting people and companies-.

The fact that this happened together with my wife, arose from a long-preserved wish to build up together a company according to our images and ethical values.

Dipl.-Ing. Sabine Urhahn
General Manager

What is more exciting than the path of life of people - their professional and private development?!

For me the work with and in COPAC is the motivation in the work with people in organisations and the logical advancement of my professional and private path. With pleasure I have studied in a pure man's world electrical engineering and have experienced my first professional steps in the technical area till top management of an international group of consumer goods industry.

These experiences have me certainly affected in my woman's role: I work with pleasure with men. I still belong to those who dare it to ask for a benefit, for the people in the organisation, before the investment decision is taken. Therefore, I had many surprising experiences during my education in organisational development.

I have experienced an intensive enhancement in my time as a mother of my little daughter. Who states that one learns in this time nothing essentials, is wrong.

In the COPAC concept my professional experiences find themselves.My time as an IT and organisation consultant showed me that I am no single fighter, the inhomogeneous team inspires me.

So now you know my way and how is yours ....?