In 1996 Sabine and Karl Urhahn founded the personnel consultancy COPAC - connecting people and companies- Ltd.
COPAC has lined up to improve the staffing of management - positions.

Improvement for us means:

* faster in the communication to candidates and companies
* more efficiently and more clear in the operating sequence as well as
* fairly prices and thereby calculably for companies

More than 10 years we have invested in development and care of our exclusive COPAC candidate pool.

More than 10 years we have maintained the personal contact with "our" managers, have accompanied them on their professional career, as well we adviced them with words and deeds.

Today this gives us the possibility to contact these managers for our customers - also in times of big demand. The managers who would not react on announcements and appear in no internet job market because they are not nowadays actively in the job market. Thus we find Top-Managers, internationally experienced managers who would also go abroad as well as distinct specialists.

During these years for many well-known companies COPAC has become a term for professional, quick and very personal personnel consultancy. The companies which admire the COPAC quality of service and have become, therefore, loyal regular customers.

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